IBON recommends…

In Interviews on June 22, 2010 at 1:56 am

Following is IBON Research Head Sonny Africa’s answer to Sunstar question as to whom IBON recommends to president-apparent Noynoy Aquino to be cabinet members and which policies the incoming administration must pursue:

Magandang umaga. No names to recommend but in any case the necessary policy directions are clear from which specific measures follow: Acknowledge failure of foreign investment-export-and OFW-driven model of development through free market policies and shift to building local industry and equitable agricultural development.

Speedy agrarian reform and much higher wages will make more Filipinos feel benefits of economic growth; support and protection for Filipino industry will modernize and upgrade the economy, while higher budgets and better spending for social services will immediately improve the poor’s welfare. The resources for these can come from greater taxation of those more able to pay such as large corporations and wealthy families, from stifling corruption, and from being much more selective on the government debts being paid.

Narrow vested interests will resist but the broader Filipino public cannot but support policies that are genuinely in their interest. The policy direction the Aquino administration chooses will be the litmus test of its brand of governance.


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