Foreign and domestic debt as of August 2009

In Trivia on December 8, 2009 at 11:09 pm

The national government (NG) had outstanding foreign and domestic debt of P4.23 trillion as of August 2009. If stacked as P500 bills this will reach a height of 846.3 kilometers or the equivalent of 344 Mayon Volcanoes one on top of the other. The stack would also weigh 4,230 metric tons which is equivalent to 2,332 Ford Explorers, the SUV of choice of many government officials. This debt would fit into 67,135 standard size balikbayan boxes which, if placed side by side to fill up a basketball court, would be stacked 40 boxes high (or almost as high as a seven storey building).

The August 2009 foreign and domestic debt of the Philippines would weigh as heavy as how many Ford explorers, reach as high as how many Mayon volcanoes in a stack of P500 bills and fit into as many as how many stacked-up balikbayan boxes filling up the area of a basketball court?


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