In Initials on November 10, 2009 at 10:23 pm

What else can this be other than a portal to our reads? If it is eventually to become part of our usual routine, it might as well serve other purposes while, on the other hand, not becoming a redundant web page.

Maybe it can become a research-analysis notebook? Where every member of the institution can jot random notes, questions, theories, data, etc., for the purpose of discussion, sharing, critique, and so on?

What will keep it sane? The latest entry — in which case every entry for that matter — should at the very least strive towards clarification. If the entry poses questions, perhaps for the sake of further exercise the writer could try to suggest answers initially?

All random thoughts. But really, am just yearning to fill the space up and see how the page looks like when posts have been regularized somewhat. This will be an additional venue for an initial stock of relevant photos taken by the staff, too.
Again — let’s see! 🙂


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